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Tuesday Senior League

Keeping America Young
A fun House league for mild competitive to new bowlers.
Join Any any time.
Helping active people get out of there (ho hum) daily routines.
Great exercise. Did you know bowling 3 games exercises 184 muscles and walking a
distance about 6/10  of a mile.

2 p.m. Start time  
3 games weekly

50 years of age and over
Non USBC sanctioned
Averages and handicaps will be voted on at the sessions meetings

varying degrees of skill on an equal playing field as possible for competition.)

Stop in and sign up or print and turn in at Thunder Strikez



Thunder Strikez Family Fun Center   1909 Lincoln   Concordia, KS 69901
Sandy Housh 262-4029 or e-mail at  Adsh@nckcn.com
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