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Saturday Youth League

Offering a fun kid friendly environment.
No beer is allowed during youth league hours.
3 Separate age groups to increase learning and competition.
Bowling lessons provided for all youth bowlers.
There are over a hundred thousand dollars in scholar ships to major colleges given away in
bowling tournaments every year.

Party at the end
10 a.m. Start time
Start date  September 17th

All ages from 5 to 18

USBC sanctioned
Averages & handicaps will be voted on at the meeting
Meeting dates are set 30 min before.

No cash prize fund

All bowlers are sanctioned for state and local youth tournaments
Earn college scholarships in tournaments

Stop in and sign up or print and turn in at Thunder Strikez





Thunder Strikez Family Fun Center   1909 Lincoln   Concordia, KS 69901
Sandy Housh 262-4029 or e-mail at  Management@thunderstrikez.com

Special Thanks For your support and
Donations to the
youth of the community.
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