Sign up is not final so sign up if interested
Monday Men  League

Thunder Strikez is looking for the competitive bowler.
Low volumn music .

USBC Sanctioned league                                                    
4 person teams                                                                   
30 weeks                                                                             
                7:30 Start time                                                                                      
Averages & handicaps will be voted on at meeting                               
This league is spit season
         Starts August 22nd                                                                          

3 games weekly                                                                  
Women are allowed to bowl                                                 

Stop in and sign up or print and turn in at Thunder Strikez

August 22nd   




Thunder Strikez Family Fun Center   1909 Lincoln   Concordia, KS 66901
Dwight Housh 262-4029 or e-mail at Management@thunderstrikez.com
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