Every Friday and we will be providing free
coaching. With the assistance.
Coaching and bowling knowledge will be
You only have to pay for the games you

People of all ages can learn to bowl.

Space is limited
You must sign up to be included in the
We have lots of reading information on how
to become
a high scoring bowler.

We have purchased a slow motion camera
and a devise that tells what the ball speed
is on the coaching lanes.

We can have classes almost any time for
prior scheduled dates
Starting January 7th
Some helpful information we will be using i our classes. On
average 90 percent of non league play bowlers do not know
this information. I have searched the Internet to bring you
some of the best straight forward information that i have found.

First are several videos on how a bowling ball is made.
This technology is less than 15 years old. So everyone needs
to watch these even if you bowled back in the early 90's or
earlier to get updated on the new improvements for better
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